NCF Grantees and Partners at Work

  • EarthSpark International
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    EarthSpark International is an incubator for clean energy enterprises that can deliver sustainable energy services. The organization’s...

  • Ban The Box
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    On February 29, 2016, the Nathan Cummings Foundation joined more than 40 other members of the Executives’ Alliance for Boys and Men of...

  • JOIN for Justice
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    First Peoples Fund is a national organization based in Rapid City, SD that supports and provides visibility for Native American artists and...

  • Race Forward
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    Race Forward (RF) is a racial justice institution that produces accessible research, media, trainings, and convenings with the goal of...

  • Shaharit
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    Shaharit is a new “think-and-do” tank that seeks to transcend the polarized debate that has divided Israeli society and create new...

  • Asian American Writers’ Workshop
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    Asian American Writers’ Workshop (AAWW) is a national not-for-profit arts organization devoted to creating, publishing, developing, and...

Public Religion Research Institute 2012 Jewish Values Poll





On April 3, the Public Religion Research Institute released the results of a survey commissioned by The Nathan Cummings Foundation. "Chosen for What? Jewish Values in 2012"


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