NCF Fellowship - Frequently Asked Questions

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NCF Fellowship - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there an application deadline?

    Answer: The submission deadline is September 14th.  Applications received after the 14th will be not be considered.  For more information on how to apply visit the Nathan Cummings Foundation Fellowship guidelines page.

  2. Will the Nathan Cummings Foundation consider fellowship proposals that do not fall under the five core program areas?

    Answer: Yes, the fellowship committee will review proposals that relate to NCF's mission and approach to grantmaking even if they do not directly relate to the core programs.

  3. Do I need to answer all of the questions in the application form?

    Answer: Yes, all questions in the application form should be answered.  If you are proposing an existing piece of work, please revise documents to answer our specific questions.

  4. What font and line spacing should I use for the application? Can I include charts in my narrative?

    Answer: Please use standard font, line spacing and margins: 12-point font; 1.5 or 2 line spacing; and standard margins.

  5. What letters of recommendation should I submit? Do you want our references to email you directly?

    Answer: Do not submit letters of recommendation or ask references to email us. Please fill out the Application and we will contact you at the appropriate time if references are required.

  6. Can I provide supplementary materials with my application, such as a dissertation, article or video?

    Answer: Please do not provide supplementary materials with the application. If you become a finalist, then we will contact you and may solicit such materials at that time. 

  7. How long is the review process?

    Answer: Fellows will be selected within six months of the application deadline.  Please refer to the selection timeline on the NCF Fellowship page for more information.

  8. What does $100,000 provided by the NCF Fellowship cover?

    Answer: The fellowship stipend covers living expenses, travel, research and conference fees.  NCF will also provide a modest budget for project related expenses.

  9. When will the NCF Fellowship term begin?

    Answer: Fellows selected in the Spring of 2013 will begin a twelve-month term in May 2013.

  10. What can Fellows expect during their residence?

    Answer: Office space and resources; including a computer, telephone, email, fax, printer, and access to NCF board room and atrium; and one-on-one support from the Fellowship Program Officer.

  11. Would fellows work every day at the office?

    Answer: The Fellowship requires a year-long commitment to work in the NCF office at 475 Tenth Avenue. It is advisable to live within commuting distance of New York City.

  12. Is there any flexibility regarding the commitment to the NCF office?

    Answer: Generally no, but specific requirements will be negotiated with fellowship finalists.

  13. Can compensation be used to hire contractors for the project?

    Answer: Budget specifics will be negotiated with fellowship finalists.

  14. Do Fellows have access to NCF benefits?

    Answer: The foundation does not provide health insurance or other fringe benefits to fellows.

  15. Is there an opportunity to continue at the Nathan Cummings Foundation after the Fellowship?

    Answer: The Fellowship does not lead to a paid staff position at the Nathan Cummings Foundation after the yearlong Fellowship term is up.

  16. What kind of support can fellows expect after the twelve-month term?

    Answer: Fellows will have access to the NCF network of grantees, affinity groups, and staff; Fellowship alumni network, and use of the NCF board room and atrium up to two times per year.

  17. What obligations will the Fellowship recipient have to the Nathan Cummings Foundation?

    Answer: The main responsibility of the Fellowship recipient will be to develop the various aspects of his or her project; host a meeting at NCF on the project's topic; and produce content for the NCF website. The Fellowship recipient would also be considered an integral team member at NCF during the Fellowship year and participate in full-staff meetings, and other events of the Foundation.

  18.  Will the Fellow be able to work with NCF grantee organizations if it relates to their project?

    Answer: Yes, as long as the project benefits our grantee partners and is not unduly burdensome. Each Fellow will work closely with the Fellowship Program Officer to determine the best way to make those connections.